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Where do you want to go today? The DF will get you there in style.


The Dragonfly Hyperscooter delivers power, grip and control like nothing else. Personal transport is redefined on the streets of your city, or the parks and trails if you choose the DFX with its all-terrain setup. 


We’ve built a carbon fibre deck and use aerospace grade aluminium, setting new standards in personal transportation. Unlike almost every other brand, we store the battery in the steering column not the deck. Combined with our patented steering technology, independent coil sprung suspension and four 10-inch wheels, the ride quality is in a class of its own.


Four wheel handling and braking deliver superior stability and grip in all conditions when compared to two wheels. Our groundbreaking Full-Tilt steering system is revolutionary and intuitive, with a low centre of gravity and secure, agile, rail to rail performance.


The Dragonfly’s speed is factory-set to a 25mph / 40kmh top speed, driven by dual 550 watt electric motors, with a range of 50 miles / 80 km subject to terrain and riding style. There is a 5 inch Digital Display with all your riding telemetry, and a user menu to change your settings and click through the four rider modes - three forwards and one reverse. Our connected App enables turn by turn navigation, ultimate customization and user alerts.


Besides the extra stability from a wider deck, the Dragonfly comes equipped with automotive grade front lights, a rear light/brake light and indicators, and front indicators in the DFX.


Weighing in at just 39lbs / 17.7kg and stowable upright in 5.4 square-foot / 0.5 square metre, the Dragonfly has been designed to go wherever you go. 


  • Top Speed: 25mph (40 kmph) limited

    Long Range Battery: 50 miles (80km) subject to rider weight and riding conditions 

    Gradient: Up to 25% - subject to rider weight and riding conditions

    Power: Dual Motors - 2 x 550W (1100 Watt Total) - Peak power 1650 Watt

    Charge Input: 48V

    Transmission: Direct Drive

    Suspension: Fully independent, dampened sprung wishbones

    Brakes: Electric front brakes, rear dual drum brakes

    Tires: 10” Pneumatic tires from natural rubber

    Lights (forward): Automotive grade twin headlights, pulsing LED side-light turn indicators

    Lights (rear): LED light bar with turn signals indicating lights, braking and turn signals