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Warranty Policy

This warranty policy is only valid for the original purchaser of your Dragonfly.



  1. We warrant that on delivery, and for a period of 12 months from the date of delivery (Limited Warranty period), your Dragonfly and all of its components shall be free from defects in material and workmanship and operate as described

  2. For any warranty claim to be considered, your Dragonfly must be in an assembled, clean and sanitary condition, and accompanied by proof of purchase

  3. Damage resulting from normal wear and tear, including the results of fatigue, is not covered. It is the owner's responsibility to regularly inspect and properly maintain his/her Dragonfly.

  4. To make a warranty claim:  
    (a) Contact Customer Services ( during the Limited Warranty period, within 7 days of discovery, and outline the reason for your claim;

    (b) Please ensure you provide adequate photographic/video evidence of the issue which will help us to assess and process your claim as quickly as possible.   

    (c) You will then be instructed on next steps. If a product needs to be shipped back to us, it will be at your cost. We cannot be held responsible for damage to the product that takes place in transit or for lost product in transit.

    (d) If your warranty claim is accepted, we may, at our discretion, choose to repair or replace the defective product. We reserve the right to repair or replace with the most comparable components or a model of equal or greater value.

  5. Dragonfly Limited Warranty will be void under the following conditions: 
    (a) Your Dragonfly is deemed to have been subjected to abuse, neglect, improper repair, lack of proper use or maintenance according to the User Manual, alteration, modification, installation of unauthorised parts, corrosion, an accident or other abnormal, excessive, or improper use.  

    (b) Your Dragonfly is used in an unauthorised rental or fleet sharing program, motorsports or racing events that are not commissioned by D-Fly Group Ltd, D-Fly USA Inc. or any other D-Fly company.

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