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If you live in the northern hemisphere - winter is officially here! Shorts and flip flops are out, performance underwear and woolly hats are in.

Outdoors is a joy at this time of year. Skiing, snowboarding, long walks, and bright morning skies are the rewards. But, shorter daylight hours and more treacherous roads bring some new hazards that we need to be prepared for.

Four wheels are always better than two when it comes to grip and control, if you’re riding a personal EV - here are our FIVE TOP TIPS for riding in winter:

1.Clothing Getting this right is critical. Warm feet are happy feet - same goes for fingers and necks. Don’t forget to throw on some thermals, gloves, boots and a neck tube, and the all-important protective gear: helmet and other safety apparel.

2.See and be seen. Make sure your lights are working and clean! Overnight top ups if you’re running rechargeable lights, and regular fresh batteries will keep you seen. Run these during the day too because of the reduced visibility in winter. Don’t forget high visibility clothing.

3.Pre-ride checks are even more important. Check your tyres, check your brakes, check your lights (again).. Cables get stuck, tires can deflate during periods of inactivity - make sure you don’t get any surprises when you’re already en-route. It’s wise practice to check whether your vehicle is capable of handling snow, ice, or wet conditions. Don’t leave this to chance, refer to your manufacturer’s user manual to be completely sure.

4.Know your roads. Pay keen attention to the surface you’re riding on. Look out for grit, manholes and any critters like ice - this is a dynamic activity, around every corner is something different with roads in the shade and bridges particularly changeable.

5.Take your time. Give yourself a little extra wiggle room, and don’t rush. Smile at other road users - it won’t cost you anything and it might even make your day!

The D-Fly Team wishes you a very Happy Holiday Season!

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