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Treehugger has been following what we call the Cambrian explosion of e-things. The latest is the Dragonfly Hyperscooter. It is described as having patented full-tilt steering, 4-wheel dual independent damped suspension, and a high-class, sleek design. Jez Williman, CEO of D-Fly Group said: "The urban mobility industry is burgeoning, and we realized a need for a more advanced, high-quality product that would usher in a new era of e-mobility. With Dragonfly, we are confident that we have created something truly special that will change the way people move around cities and not only today but forever."

E-scooters are controversial, although the data show that dockless cars and dockless FedEx trucks are a much bigger problem than dockless scooters on our streets.1 And while there are teething problems with these new technologies, it's clear e-bikes and e-scooters are climate action—if they are managed and regulated sensibly.

Read feature here.

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