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The Game. Changed.

Dragonfly started as a simple idea 5 years ago. Back then nothing in the e-mobility market worked and an impatient entrepreneur and product designer set out to make something enjoyable, rideable, sustainable, and liberating. Jez Williman simply wanted something that worked, and what he created has re-written the rule book for the electric scooter market.

The Dragonfly DF and DFX launched on Indiegogo four weeks ago, and the response has been astonishing. We’ve raised $650,000 and gathered 25,000 followers. We’ve been published in over 180 news articles spanning Forbes, Top Gear and Tech Radar - and they all love what we’ve achieved.

‘If Batman rode an e-scooter - he’d ride a Dragonfly…’ We tend to agree…

The Dragonfly looks and rides like a totally unique beast. It features 4 wheels, a huge upgrade for stability, which support a wide cardon deck sat on a very unique suspension system. With that also comes 4 wheel braking, traction control, a patented three-dimensional steering system designed and tested by athletes, carbon fibre upgrades and the kind of technology you’d expect to see on a racetrack.

We’ve exceeded our expectations on every level and we’ve achieved our goal of bringing a sustainable, innovative zero-emission vehicle to the market, leaping all the hurdles that the pandemic had to throw at us in the process.

Sustainability is an issue we can no longer ignore. The world is growing more populated every day and climate change is our greatest priority. We believe in eliminating compromise for coming generations - enabling them to meet their future goals by taking the steps we can today. Sustainable mobility contributes to a cleaner, greener and more accountable world. Each and every one of us has a part to play in building a better tomorrow.

What Jez could not have predicted back at the start, was how a community would get behind his vision and stay with the development of the Dragonfly through different phases and a global pandemic.

The D-Fly Group is going from strength to strength. We’ve now secured a second round of private funding which has enabled us to seal the deal on our production facility, begin manufacturing of the DF and DFX’s and despite the setbacks of the pandemic still affecting some countries - we’re working on optimising production and assembly, and locking down shipping times.

We’ve also managed to add key, experienced members to the original team, who all share the excitement and vision for Dragonfly and our community.

The game has been changed.

We’ve been getting incredible feedback from you - our community, and we’re listening. A lot of requests have come in over the past few weeks asking us to extend the Indiegogo campaign - so we took the decision to do just that. So you’ll be able to purchase your DF or DFX on our campaign page.

Dragonfly is just getting started, there’s so much more to come. Thank you all for your support, your feedback and your passion for what we’re doing - we simply could not have got here without you.

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