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London-based personal recreation vehicle company D-Fly Group Ltd. has unveiled what it says is the next generation of e-mobility. The electric Dragonfly hyperscooter—developed by a team of award-winning British and American engineers—features patented full-tilt steering and four-wheel dual independent suspension to deliver stability and control even when navigating difficult terrain.

“The urban mobility industry is burgeoning, and we realized a need for a more advanced, high-quality product that would usher in a new era of e-mobility,” said Jez Williman, CEO of D-Fly Group. “With Dragonfly, we are confident that we have created something truly special that will change the way people move around cities and not only today but forever.”

The company pitches the four-wheel electric hyperscooter as the urban mobility equivalent of a supercar with 10-in slick tires and meticulously engineered components. It has a wide carbon-fiber platform to offer stability and safety.

Its patented 3-D full-tilt steering system engages all four wheels at once, syncing with the motions of the rider. The company claims the first-ever dual wishbone suspension too, with the hydraulically damped adjustable deck system providing impressive axle articulation.

The Dragonfly comes in two versions: the urban DF and the off-road DFX. The DF is designed for smooth riding surfaces in urban areas or parks. The DFX has wider fenders and handguards for more challenging terrain—and gets front and rear rack accessories.

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