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“New challenges are opportunities to invent” - Jez Williman This week Jez, the founder and inventor of Dragonfly Hyperscooter, landed at our manufacturing facility to oversee the very first Dragonflys coming off the assembly line. What a moment. Seeing the physical form of a product you’ve spent 5 years prototyping? Few of us will ever comprehend what that feels like. Jez called us this morning and all he could say was one word: “Incredible!” 5 years might seem like a long time, but for Jez, his journey has been solely focused on getting it right. Here are some of the major learnings that Jez passed on this week: Attention To Detail “When all of our over 200 unique components started coming together, I knew I had to be out at our production facility to check every single one myself. I’ve spent years as a product designer, and there is no substitute for getting hands on with the assembly line. The quality I’m seeing is exceeding my expectations. We really have built a Hyperscooter. Each unique part has been chosen for durability, weight and performance. But that search for quality also demands patience and focus.” Innovation Takes Time “Much like creativity, innovation does not come in a rush. Each prototype model has got us further along but presented further finer issues which needed solving and sorting out. Innovative solutions take time - and inspiration. For instance the patented steering system gives the rider three unique ways to ride - that took a lot of time to perfect.” Unforeseen Surprises “You can never be prepared for what the world throws at you, but knowing that is everything. The pandemic taught us so many lessons and it was a really tough journey. But in retrospect, it gave us an extra 12 months to make an even better product. As a start-up, being nimble and responsive is really important, and you will need huge drive to keep pushing irrespective of the challenges ahead.” Building A Community “If you work in isolation, there’s a danger that you’ll end up in an echo chamber. The community that you build around you, as a brand, lets you know that what you are doing is important. It also gives you critical feedback. We’re nothing without our community. Your appreciation is our motivation. I’ve always believed that what people say about your brand is your brand. That’s really inspiring” Finding the A Team At the heart of the D-Fly Group is a small team. Small, but mighty! Everyone wears three hats, rolls up their sleeves, and goes way beyond expectations. The spirit of a start-up only gets you so far. The talent and commitment of your team is what will get you across the line every time, and through all of the more difficult problems along the journey. I also have to mention our main investor, who has enabled us to move faster and whose utter trust and faith is a massive reward. 20% of all D-Fly profits will go to her charities supporting disadvantaged women worldwide.

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